T&T Construction understands the critical importance of safety and has made it priority #1 for our entire organization: in the field, the office, on the road and at every jobsite every day. We've developed an elite safety regimen which differentiates us from our peers. We ensure our entire field staff is well trained and meets and exceeds all certification requirements. We have a goal that all field personnel have a minimum of 10 hours of OSHA Safety Certification training and all Superintendents and Project Managers have a 30-hour OSHA Safety Certification. We provide weekly safety "Toolbox Talks" with field staff and perform ongoing safety seminars. Our Safety Department is diligent about supervising personnel in the field and has dedicated Safety Inspectors who perform daily safety inspections. Our commitment to leading the way in improving jobsite safety in our industry has resulted in T&T Construction being awarded multiple STEP Awards from ABC in recognition of our "exceptional safety record". One such award is the STEP "Platinum" Award . The STEP Award Program is the industry's only safety program nationally recognized by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

About Us

Forming lasting relationship is our lifeblood

With our experience, our depth of talented people, and substantial resources to self perform concrete and masonry services, T&T’s design/build team has the capabilities and commitment to meet and exceed all completion dates, safety guidelines and milestones to assure your 100% satisfaction.

Our Mission Statement

Mission: “We serve our clients, community and industry through innovation, wisdom, hard work and reliability. To always remember that God alone gives us the strength to work, producing wealth by setting a standard that is pursued by every team member and achieved through Service, Quality, & Integrity; Building on Solid Foundations.”


We are dedicated to serving our clients with integrity and consider completing contracts to the highest standards to be among the ultimate measures of professionalism in our industry. We not only give you our word that we will satisfy our obligations – with safety at the forefront – but we also back it up with our Surety Bonds.

We are proud to have a relationship with Nielson & Rosenhaus & Associates as our bonding agency. As in all aspects of our work, T&T Construction delivers with integrity and safety, and within budget.