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Whether you’re in the market for super flat floors, cast-in-place concrete, or tilt-up wall construction, every detail is handled with one goal in mind: 100% satisfaction.

Our skills are brought to the forefront every day to achieve the unique architectural and structural integrity of your project, on time and on budget. Our technology and techniques have evolved to keep up with the fast paced demands of our profession.

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Client :: Turner Construction
Location :: Orlando, FL
Area :: 1,000,000 SF
Finished On ::  February 10, 2015
Value :: $8,700,000
Remarks :: Turnkey process for Footings, Pile Caps, and Foundations, CIP, SOG & Elevated Slabs
Client :: DPR
Location :: Boca Raton, FL
Area :: 40,000 SF
Finished On ::  February 10, 2015
Value :: $1,800,000
Remarks ::
MOB Boca Raton Fl, with CIP shear walls. Foundations, CIP elevator and stair shear walls. 4 stories, slab on grade 22ksf, slabs on metal decks 2, 3 ,4 floors.
Client :: HGR
Location :: Winston Salem, NC
Area :: 105,000 SF
Finished On ::  February 10, 2015
Value :: $653,000
Remarks ::
Complete poured in place structural concrete package. 50,000 SF of SOG, loading docks, truck well, and sub grade stone work. 55,000 SF of elevated SOD composed of 4” composite slab, 3” insulation, and another 4” topping slab. Installing a 17’ high 12” thick basement retaining wall totaling 558 linear feet in length which also includes 17’ pier columns all poured in place. 16,000 SF of heavy duty site paving complete with site sidewalks consisting of exposed aggregate.
Client :: DCK/FWF, LLC
Location :: Sarasota, FL
Area :: 1,000,000 SF
Finished On ::
Value :: $3,000,000
Remarks :: Approximately 1,000,000 SF of Concrete SOG, Elevated Slab On Metal Deck
Client :: Edwards Construction Services, Inc
Location :: Ocala, Florida
Area :: 227,000 SF
Finished On :: September 2006
Value :: $2,000,000
Remarks ::  (1) building, 277,000 SF. Foundations, SOG, SOD, concrete sidewalks and retaining walls.